This is the official website of Peer Support Program for Parents and Children with special needs, ”HIMAWARI (means sunflower)” organized by non-profit Karugamo CP kids.


Do you seek for any resources regarding your children’s special needs?
Do you want to share your concerns about your children’s developmental delay with someone?
Feel isolated from society due to disabilities, languages or cultural barriers?
Do not know how to deal with these all as parents who have a child with special needs or individuals with special needs?
Do not know how identify yourself as individuals with special needs?
Cannot share your feelings as individuals with special needs?
Have you ever felt like this before?
Do you take all your concerns on yourself?
We have had a similar emotional journey, just like you. We provide you peer mentoring support as peers walking through similar experiences. We believe the power of sharing as peers just because we have been there too, although the individuals experiences are bit different.
We are not here for you to provide medical or psychological care as professionals. We are here for you to give you listening ears empowering each other.
---“you are not alone”.
This is what we strongly believe in our community. You are not alone!



What we do

All parents who have children with special needs (basically under 12) and all youths with disabilities are more than welcome for this program.

※Our program is provided through online networking. In order to join our program, please install zoom app into your laptop.

We know living with disabilities is not always easy. It is okay to have any emotional feelings. There is no right or wrong way of how you feel regarding disabilities. Please do not hesitate to talk us if you have something in your mind. We promise that we respect all your feelings in the safe space. We are available for sessions in English so please feel free to contact us!

About fee

1,500 yen for per session. 

60 minutes for one session.


  1. Please fill out the form and contact us by Email. 
  2. We will reply to you to arrange the schedule. 
  3.  Please complete the payment by 2 days before your session. 
  4. Then please join us!!

About Cancelation

We know that living with children is very unpredictable.
So please let us know if you need to reschedule by the day before your session. We are happy to have another spot for you.
If you cancel your session we will refund the full amount minus remittance costs. 
No refund the fee if you are absent without any notice.

Privacy Policy 

NPO Karugamo CP Kids

Basic Policy on 
Protection of Personal Information

In NPO Karugamo CP Kids , to comply with the laws and regulations regarding personal information,and care is taken to ensure the protection of important personal information.

Collecting Personal Information:
In the collection of personal information, NPO Karugamo CP Kids will state the objectives of collection and use in advance, and use those properly within that scope.
Using Personal Information:
To facilitate the meeting that the users applied to attend
To provide a Peer Support Program
To provide support activities for children with disability and parents To complete services related with the above
Personal Information Disclosure:
When NPO Karugamo CP Kids receives a request for disclosure, correction, deletion or suspension of use of personal data in its possession by the person himself/herself that provided the relevant information, as soon as the identification of the person is confirmed, NPO Karugamo CP Kids will endeavor to deal with the matter swiftly in accordance with the laws and regulations based on the principle of speedy processing.

Please use the following Email address to make any inquiry regarding NPO Karugamo CP Kids Privacy Policy:



English available 

A Peer Supporter is someone who is trained to listen, share concerns, and offer information and support, with respect for confidentiality and individual differences.